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Live original and enriching immersive experiences from home

Original & enriching
live leisures
from home

Karine is a warm and attentive pedagogue teacher. She corrects us one by one. […] We are progressing in a super nice atmosphere! I highly recommend!

An enchanting parenthesis, Polynesia I love you and so I took out my local ornaments… the dance gave me warmth, wiggle my hips, my thighs suffered but it was great thanks to Taïna‘s communicative good mood.

Tales are great! You can hear the voice and the soundtrack very well. It’s super well done! That’s great! It’s really well done! The 45′ format is perfect. The children were attentive and we liked the story. They can’t wait to see what happens next.

Good mood, interaction, variety and quality

Friendly small groups

Get together in small groups and share a friendly and benevolent moment. Whether it is in a dance class, sport, meditation or any other activity, the animator observes you in real time and gives you his advice and corrections as if you were in the same room. You will live an experience very close to a face-to-face class in a jovial, intimate and warm atmosphere.

Live meetings

The activities take place live, at a specific time, by videoconference. Everyone can see and talk to each other. The animator can correct a bad position during a physical activity or involve a child who drops out during a storytelling session.
The goal is to offer moments of joy and sharing with fun activities that are good for body and mind. Each experience is unique and perfectly adapted to the participants as it unfolds.

Approved animators

Meet experienced  animators, all approved by our team. We share with us our desire to make you live rich and very participative experiences even at a distance.
Would you like to know more about them? You can visit their profile pages and also read the comments of the people who have followed their activities to see if you too can enjoy them.

Large choice

More than 50 interactive activities for adults and children in 4 categories: Dance, sport, wellness and stories. You will surely find the ones that suit you and can even discover disciplines that do not exist near you.

Good mood

Take pleasure in sharing a moment with new people in a pleasant atmosphere and bring your good vibes. Maybe you’ll be able to make new friends 😉

Highly involving

Don’t be left alone to watch videos at home to learn a dance or keep in shape. Come and participate in shared leisure activities in which you will be fully involved. These moments of decompression will be all the more beneficial!

You are an instructor and you love this project?

Do you want to expand in the digital market? Do you want to expand your audience internationally? Your activities lend themselves very well to highly interactive meetings and would like to market them on our site?

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