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What to do during my vacations?

The eClub makes it easy for you to let visitors know that you’ve taken a vacation thanks to the Vacation Mode.

What is the vacation mode? #

When activating vacation mode:

  • You indicate in your store and in your products that you are on vacation. This way you prevent visitors from contacting you waiting for a quick response
  • Prevent clients from booking a session that falls during your vacation period
  • Only if you wish, you suspend sales during your vacation

Setting up vacation mode #

You can turn the vacation mode on or off at any time from your Store Manager:

  1. Click on the Settings menu
  2. Click on Vacation Mode
  3. Choose the options that best suits you


What do visitors see during my holidays? #

Your “Vacation message” is displayed

  • Under all your activities on the activities list
  • On your store before your activities
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