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Adding my activities to the eClub

How to add my activities #

Activities are called Products in your Store Manager.

Go to the Store Manager #

To access the management page of your store, you simply have to log in on the site via the button My Account.
If you are not automatically redirected, you can click on the Store Manager menu in the left sidebar.

Fill your product description #

1/ Click on the product menu on the left to display all your products
2/ Click on the Add New button on the top right


3/ On the New Product screen, fill in the fields Product Title, Price, Description, Image and Categories.

Important Tip: For the “Description” field, please do not copy/paste text directly from Word or Google Doc or another formatted source because these tools include styles that disrupt the rendering in the site. Please past the copied text to Notepad (Windows) or Notes (Mac) to remove the formatting before pasting it on the Description field.

Configure taxes #

Go to the bottom of the page to set the product settings
Configure the taxes applicable to your product in accordance with the legislation in force for your legal status. These are the taxes that will be applied when your customers make a purchase and will appear on the invoiceissued in your name, which is automatically sent to them.

Set Level, Languages and Audience attributes #

Set the Attributes of your Activity. They are the Audience, the languages you can speak during a session, and the level. These Attributes are displayed in your product page. There are also used as filters on the product list page.

Set the Schedule #

Limits on the number of attendees #

Check if the default values for the maximum and minimum number of Attendees for your activity are suitable for you. You can change them if you want.

Important Note: if the minimum number of participants is not reached, the session is canceled automatically. Those who have booked are notified and invited to book a future session.

Submit and Test #

When all its done, click on the Submit button on the bottom of the page to publish your product.

Check the product is fully ok in the end-user website.

  • Product page
  • Taxes: add it to your shopping cart and check that the taxes applied are correct
  • Filters: go to the Activities page and check that when you click on the categorylevelaudience, and languages defined, your product appears in the list.
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